Suzi Bennett


Suzi has always been an active person and deeply interested in maintaining a healthy body image.  Suzi studied dance and theatre where she learnt the importance of posture and movement and then went on to work in the modelling industry both in the UK and in Australia. After several years Suzi became disillusioned with the promotion of skinny bodies, fasting and unhealthy body image she encountered and left the industry. 

In 2002 whilst working behind a desk in the city she was struck by very painful neck condition due to the culmination of an untreated horse riding accident as a child and sitting badly at her desk in a stressful office environment. On her Physiotherapist’s recommendation, Suzi started a course of private Pilates. Her teacher was an inspiration and soon Suzi quickly realised the benefits of the Pilates method and that sitting in front of a computer was not for her.

n 2003 she went on to train as a Pilates Foundation Instructor with the Scott Studio located in Somerset. The Pilates Foundation is renowned for its highest quality of training and education. On completing over 250 hours of teacher training and practice she achieved accredited matwork member status. She started Suzi Bennett PIlates in 2005 and has been teaching and studying every since creating a loyal client base promoting a healthy body image and a feeling of strength and vitality in all her classes.  Her journey has led her to studying also with Jpilates who continues to help deepen her knowledge even further and has also to become a proud Embassador for Embrace a body image movement. 



For more information about the Pilates Foundation and its members click here and for Jpilates click here



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